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Fast acting, Removes multiple layers of paint per application

Grizzly is a heavy duty, fast acting paint remover. It will attack multiple layers of paint per application and will remove even the most difficult oil based paints, latex paints, varnish lacquer, varnish, and enamels. It is nonflammable and will not raise the grain of wood or corrode metals. Can be used, although not ideal, on vertical surfaces.The coverage rate is approximately 100 sq ft/gallon. Sold in 5 gallon pails.


Soy based gel, Removes multiple layers of paint, Environmentally friendly

Pronto SuperSoy is a soy-based gel that is designed and formulated to remove multiple layers of paint. Formulated to be a versatile product, Pronto SuperSoy will cling to vertical surfaces as well as ceilings but will also fill detailed and intricate areas in grooved or carved areas so that paint removal can be complete. Pronto SuperSoy produces no toxic fumes, is non-flammable and is environmentally safe. Pronto SuperSoy has a very slow evaporation rate, which extends the stripping action and prevents the mixture from drying out prematurely.

Lead paint encapsulant, Provides a long lasting barrier over lead based paint

Lead Seal is a Lead Encapsulating Compound with a thick elastomeric coating that is a long lasting barrier over lead based paint. LEAD SEAL provides a protective barrier coat that seals, blocks in lead that is contained in old lead based paints on previously painted surfaces. LEAD SEAL protects the existing painted surfaces from further deterioration and has been specifically formulated to resist cracking from impact, surface movement and age for long term protection. Sold in 5 gallon pails.