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RSS Feed Instructions

Subscribe to this RSS feed to get our newest posts delivered right to your computer.

  • Twin Chemicals News Feed:  http://twinchemicals.com/faq/feed/news/rss.php
  • Twin Chemicals Top 10 FAQ Feed:  http://twinchemicals.com/faq/feed/topten/rss.php
  • Twin Chemicals Latest FAQ Feed:  http://twinchemicals.com/faq/feed/latest/rss.php

To view the feeds in your email program:

Many email programs have the ability to allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds. In your mail program look for the RSS feeds setup, which is typically where you also add new email accounts.

When adding your feed it will ask you for the URL of the feed you wish to add. You can copy the address you wish from the above list and paste it or type it, into your the field requesting the URL.

You will need to add a RSS feed account for each of the feeds you wish to subscribe to.

To view the feeds in your RSS Aggregator:

Copy the URL of the feed you want from above.
Paste the URL into your reader.

Using RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

This symbol RSS links to an RSS feed. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a web feed format used to publish frequently updated content. RSS makes it easier for you to keep up with changes on your favorite web sites.

RSS subscribers can receive alerts through an RSS Reader or Aggregator, which can be accessed one of three different ways:

  1. Through a free subscription to web-based RSS readers (such as Newsgator, Bloglines, or Google Reader)
  2. Through a web browser’s bookmarks which update in live-time
  3. Through Outlook 2007 where RSS feeds come in as E-mail messages which filter into a special RSS folder instead of your Inbox